Manicure vs Pedicure

Nails! How can any girls missed this! For me, I loves anything from French to Jewel designs :P Jewel nails look just awesome when the process is done by using vibrant paints, ostentatious gems and glamorous prints.

You know what I hates most when going to any manicure/pedicure store? Bad customer service and I only use O.P.I! So its not like any store uses O.P.I. Sometime this week, I will be shopping around online buying some of my favorite tools and nail stuff for my own usage, rather than visiting stores outside. So if anyone wants to recommend me some products, please feel free! :D

HS1 Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron

Hey girls! I have been having lots of people asking me how they loves my straight hair and what are the tips to actually get the same natural result. Well, actually my hair is straight since my birth. However, I do have lots of my other girl friends who actually re-bond their hair every so often.

Majority of my friends uses the HS1 Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron which comes with a free 5 ml bottle of Argain Oil Leave for Hair Treatment. The result is excellent with naturally straighten looks and a good shine. I'd strongly recommend this instead of randomly buying one from any store. I have friends using those and damaged their hair due to overheating and causing hair too dry.

Coastal Scents Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette

It has lots of different shades, order from light to dark. And I've been using this just to conceal dark circles.

Its very creamy and pigmented, but when you blend it, it feels so laid on your skin unlike other concealer that I've tried, it feels kinda cakey, thick and heavy but the Coastal Scents feels very light. Overall its a good product that match and blend really well with all skin color!